The Problem

While working with veteran supporting nonprofits, we realized that many people are willing to donate towards veteran empowerment events; however, there was a great lack of support to organize a cost effective method of transportation to facilitate these events. Furthermore, cheap alternatives such as buses are not a viable option when involving physically disabled veterans.

Simultaneously, there are billions of frequent flyer miles expiring every year. With an increasing number of travelers, award flight availability is often slim, and those lacking miles to redeem for a flight are left with buying miles at a high premium, or purchasing frugal items through the airline shopping portal.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is two fold, one to our veterans and the other to our generous donors. We pledge to our veterans to offer a streamlined process by working directly with other veteran supporting nonprofits to support their logistic efforts to minimize the bureaucratic red tape veterans currently work through to get the help. Additionally, we provide transparency to our donors from the beginning to the end by allowing you to select a specific campaign to support, and providing a follow up of your direct impact on veteran empowerment.



Our Solution

Rather than spending expiring miles on whimsical purchases, The Extra Mile Foundation allows flyers to donate their miles to veteran empowerment campaigns of their choice.