Raphael Ko

We would like to thank Raphael "Raph" Ko for his generous mile donation and for sharing his career transition story. Raph is an IT support specialist working for NASA on the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) science center, but prior to this job, he served in the Marine Corps for seven years as a landing support specialist.

After separating from the military, he initially sought to get a job that directly tied to his training as a logistician in the Marine Corps; however, he soon realized that employers highly valued his work ethic and character developed during his time of service rather than just his technical skills. This gave him the confidence to pursue a unique career he is passionate about.

His advice for veterans transitioning into the civilian sector is to remain humble and not be afraid to ask for help. He attributes his success to the character built within the Marine Corps.

Thanks Raphael for your donation, and Sempi Fi!